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Good Green Fun

Playful ways to protect the planet with your kids.

teen laundry

teen laundry

Earth Day, April 22, is always a good reminder to help the kids learn what they can do to protect their planet. Enjoy these eco-friendly activities.

Donation Station
Make a game of the kids sifting through old clothes and toys. Set a timer, and see who can make the biggest pile of items to donate. Then head for Goodwill as you talk about giving to others, not to landfills.

Grab Bags
Buy reusable cotton totes at a craft store and have the kids decorate them with nontoxic markers. Suggest slogans like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Talk about how simple things like toting reusable bags to the market can diminish plastic-bag waste.

Natural High
Do a nature hunt at a nearby park or on a trail. Have your children search for as many plants and natural habitats as they can. When you get back, plant your own veggies so you can observe nature at home—and eat it, too.

Source: Jenn Savedge, environmentalist, mom and founder of the Green Parent (