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What Is National Flex Day?

October 18, 2016, is the fourth annual National Flex Day!

Flex Day Badge

Flex Day Badge

Held the third Tuesday of October as part of National Work and Family Month, National Flex Day is designed to encourage employers and employees to unite behind the need for more flexibility by sharing how pervasive and powerful it already is. To help promote the power of flexible work arrangements, Working Mother has partnered with the Alliance for Work-Life Progress (the founders of National Work and Family Month) and FlexJobs, a job-searching site specializing in flexible work.

“Flexible work is important to every single employee, whether to help them accommodate child care responsibilities, elder care needs or a marathon training schedule,” says Carol Evans, president emeritus of Working Mother Media. “It’s time for people and companies to step out from the shadows and embrace workplace flexibility as a core business strategy that will enable employees and employers to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy—while also ensuring a healthy, productive and profitable workforce in the long run.”

For the first National Flex Day, in 2013, we wanted to find out what flex means to working moms. The Working Mother Research Institute surveyed more than 1,500 of them about flexible work schedules and found that women who are working flexibly were more likely to say:

+ Their opinions count at work

+ They have influence over their work schedules

+ They have better work life balance

+ They are satisfied with their compensation

+ They are happy with the amount of time they spend with their spouses and their kids.

This year, we surveyed men to find out what work schedule flex means to them, and we found that most of them have flex (77 percent) and feel comfortable using it. Working for an employer that encourages the use of flex makes men more satisfied in all sorts of areas, at work and at home. To read more about the research, click here.

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