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Celebrity Mom Q&A: Kim Raver

Beloved as Audrey Raines in the hit series 24—back this season after a long hiatus, to the delight of her fans—this mom of two wishes there was such a thing as an actual parenting handbook.



Congrats on a new season of 24! Were you surprised about the new direction for Audrey?

Thank you so much! It’s so exciting that 24 has come back after four years. I think Audrey is in a really interesting place. She’s now married to Woodrow, played by Tate Donovan. The story is that he nursed her back to health, but at the beginning of the season she is just a little more tentative and doesn’t have that strong voice. Throughout this new season she is able to come back to the Audrey everyone knows.

You’re a busy actor. How do you carve time out for your family, especially with a husband [writer/director Manu Boyer] who works in film?

For me being busy is actually exciting. I love what I do and [being] a mom is incredibly important to me. I like cooking for my kids and it’s really important to have sit-down dinners. If I have a huge full day when I’m filming, I will bring them to the set and we will do homework. I had an amazing example of how to juggle it all thanks to my mom, who was a single mother raising me and my sister in New York City in the '70s.

Your son Luke [12] is a full-on tween now. Are you finding this phase … challenging?

Yes! They go from needing you as a mom so much, then they start going into this phase where they want independence. I can’t baby my son the way I used to. It’s challenging to find a way to be supportive and let him know that I am giving him space at the same time.

**Does he get along with his younger brother, Leo [7]? **

There is a big age gap between them, five years. So I’m really proud that there are some moments where they get along so well. I look over and I’m like, “Aw they love each other so much!” Then all of a sudden a huge battle ensues and they’re rolling around, wrestling and angry. I’m making dinner, I’ve got to memorize my lines for the next day, the kids are fighting. The challenge is to try to stay calm and also not get emotionally engaged.

Are there things about your home town that you especially enjoy sharing with them?

I’m filming in London so I had to relocate them, but I’m really looking forward to bringing them back to New York City. People always say, “Oh my gosh, isn’t it really hard to raise children in New York?” There’s incredible culture in the city. I feel lucky to be able to take them to all the museums.

What kind of support system do you have?

Part of parenting is that things come at you that no one told you about, and there is no handbook on how to navigate through it. That’s where my girlfriends are really important. One of my best friends has four boys. I call her up and say, “Well, we’re entering this phase now, what is it? How do I do it?” She’s just incredibly supportive. It’s great to have women in my life who help me go through it all.

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