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Memo to Job Hunters

Heed these strategies if you’re hunting for a new 9-to-5 while still employed.

job seeker

job seeker

Looking for a new 9-to-5 is never easy, but when you’re already employed it can be particularly tricky. Search for a new spot without messing up the one you have with tips from Rita Friedman, a certified career coach in Philadelphia.

Keep it covert. If your usual work attire consists of jeans and sweaters, you’ll raise serious fashion flags if you show up in a this-is-my-job-interview power suit. Instead, schedule interviews for before and after office hours. If midday meet-ups are a must, try to arrange a few for the same day and take a personal day off.

Keep it quiet. You gab every day at lunch with office mates, but leave convos about your job search off the table. Not only can they shake up collegial camaraderie by weakening overall office morale, but someone might spill your secret—or even start vying for your position while you’re still there.

Keep it professional. It might be tempting to post your new-job intentions on LinkedIn or browse job boards during the day. But you should avoid broadcasting your search or conducting it during office hours. You still need to show respect to your company and supervisor—and appreciate the work you have now.