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The 2012 Working Mothers of the Year

They bring home the bacon…and the fruits and vegetables, and occasionally some frozen entrees.

Corie Pauling, TIAA-CREF

Corie Pauling, TIAA-CREF

We working moms don’t just get the job done and manage homework time. We also volunteer in our communities, mentor at the office and coach the soccer team (or at least get up way too early on Saturdays to cheer!). To honor hardworking women everywhere, we invited each of the 2012 Working Mother 100 Best Companies to nominate one woman who represents the best in working motherhood. From keeping sane when the rest of the world goes crazy to keeping a dozen moving parts turning in sync, these real-life stories are lovely, fascinating, funny and even inspirational—but most of all, they offer lessons for us all.