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WellStar Health System

Based in Marietta, GA, WellStar Health System has earned a spot on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list and the NAFE Top Nonprofit Companies for Executive Women.

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WellStar Health System


2017 Working Mother 100 Best Companies

From nursery school to high school, this healthcare organization helps parents get the best for their children. It supports family time by allowing more than two-thirds of people to flex or compress their schedule, and offers them an endless amount of inexpensive childcare solutions. Nearly every one of its facilities has its own fitness center with extended hours, fun workouts, kids’ swim lessons and nutrition consults; some even have in-house babysitting. Moms-to-be attend systemwide baby showers and parenting classes, and enjoy up to 36 job-guaranteed weeks off. Those with older kids access the employer’s summer camps and college coaching.


PRESIDENT & CEO: Candice Saunders
EXECUTIVE VP, HR & Organizational Learning: David Anderson
WEBSITE: WellStar Health System



Years on the 100 Best list 10
Total number of U.S. employees 19,988
Percentage of employees who are women 81%
Percentage of managers and executives who are women 69%
Percentage of new hires who are woman 81%

Parental Leave

Fully paid weeks off for new moms (average) 3
Fully paid weeks off for new dads (average) 3
Fully paid weeks off for adoptive parents (average) 3


Family Support

Company offers backup childcare Yes
Company subsidizes backup eldercare Yes
Company offers on-site vaccinations Yes



Percentage of female employees participating in career counseling N/A
Percentage of female employees participating in management/leadership training 29%
Percentage of female employees participating in mentoring N/A



Percentage of employees who telecommute N/A
Percentage of employees who use compressed work schedules 76%
Managers trained to consider work life and flexibility concerns of employees Yes
Number of job openings listed in July 2017 2000


2017 NAFE Top 10 Nonprofit Companies for Executive Women

In 2016, this healthcare system spent nearly $30 million on work life support and development. Flexible work arrangements are used by 80% of the employees here, with many adjusting or compressing their schedules, telecommuting and even job-sharing to meet their responsibilities. Concierge services assist them in completing personal tasks. New parents are eligible for up to 36 weeks of job-protected time o after the birth of a child, may tap $10,000 in adoption aid, and can utilize on-site childcare facilities or subsidized backup care. Unsurprisingly, women dominate the organization and make up 45% of its senior leadership—among them its president/CEO.


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