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Based in Cincinnati, OH, Procter & Gamble has earned a spot on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list, the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women list and the Best Companies for Multicultural Women list.

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2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Top 5

On International Women’s Day in 2016, this consumer goods company committed itself to pursuing gender balance at all job levels. At present, one-third of its senior leaders and nearly half of its management employees are female; 26% of its female senior managers are multicultural. To help everyone move up, the company maintains affinity networks and relationships with organizations devoted to supporting Asian, Hispanic/Latino and black MBAs and engineers.

By the Numbers

Years on our list 12
Number of U.S. employees 24,265
Percentage of employees who are multicultural women 9%
Percentage of senior managers and above who are multicultural women 10%
Percentage of top 20% of earners who are multicultural women 10%
Percentage of all hires at the manager level or above who are multicultural women 13%
Percentage of promotions that went to multicultural women 13%
Percentage of multicultural women who participate in mentoring 61%
Recruiters are expected to supply a multicultural slate of candidates for open positions Yes
Company requires a panel of multicultural interviewers for new candidates Yes


2017 NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women

Top 10
Hall of Fame

Family-friendly policies increase executive retention at this consumer goods company. Management just increased its fully paid maternity and adoption leave to 16 weeks and extended leave for other new parents to four paid weeks. If they like, employees can take a year off (with job guarantee) after the arrival of a child. Assignment planning is incorporated into the leave process, which relieves moms who otherwise might have worried about what to expect workwise on return. They also remain under consideration for the same promotions and high-potential programs as they did before taking time off. Inclusive leadership programs and a new diversity and inclusion advisory board celebrate employees’ differences.



By the Numbers

Years on the NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women list 17
Total number of U.S. employees 26,146
Percentage of total employees who are women 38%
Percentage of senior managers who are women 36%
Percentage of corporate executives who are women 33%
Percentage of employees earning promotions to the manager level and above who are women 50%
Percentage of top 10% of earners who are women 35%
Percentage of profit-and-loss executives who are women 25%
Percentage of leaders of billion-dollar divisions who are women 86%
Percentage of direct reports to the CEO who are women 26%
Percentage of board of directors members who are women 42%
Managers trained in how to hire, manage or advance women Yes
Senior-level succession plans for gender equity reviewed by CEO Yes



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